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In this video series you'll be introduced to a wide range of social media sites, from the most popular to the ones just starting to take off. They cover a wide range of categories from photo and video sharing sites to business and family oriented networks.

By signing up for each of these sites you'll ensure that every demographic is covered and anyone looking for your particular niche will surely find it. In each video you'll be walked step by step through the sign up process, and shown how to customize your account in order to optimize your ranking within the site's framework.

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There are lots of good reasons why you should be doing affiliate marketing. Here are a few:Advantages
• You can sell anything you can think of
• There are many, many tools and resources available for help
• Easy to scale once you are successful To view each video, simply click on the corresponding video link

Each video will open in a new window. To come back to this page, just close the browser window when your video is over...

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If you believe that homeopathic medicine can treat ailments better than medicine that has been scientifically proven to work, you are acting irrational. In this short video James Randi explains homeopathy. This is a portion of the lecture Randi gave at Princeton in 2001. The full video is here:....

It’s easy to be embarrassed when your dog shows unwanted behavior, and this commonly happens when there are other people or dog around. Imagine this, your in the park, your talking your dog for a stroll, your dog suddenly jerks on the leash, then runs off chasing other dogs, or worse, other people and maybe even taking a bite or two..