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Chocolate Store

22 Déc



A Chocoholic’s Taste Of Heaven Is Just A Click Away

09 Jan

Almost everyone knows a chocoholic. A chocoholic is a person who absolutely loves chocolate. Sure, you could treat them a simple Hershey’s bar but would it be even more delightful if you’d give them the best stuff – the gourmet stuff? It would just be a simple taste of heaven wrapped in that special package.

The love for chocolates dates back to 1502 with Columbus’ final voyage to the Caribbean. Cacao beans were offered to him as a form of payment. Because he was uncertain of its worth, the Aztecs gave him a drink made out of those seeds to show its potential. They believed that this beverage was a source of energy, spiritual wisdom and an aphrodisiac, as well. They even used it to reinvigorate their warriors during battle. The bitter cacao drink was introduced to Europe and was later sweetened to cater European taste buds. It became the drink for the wealthy and the privileged. It later on became widely known throughout Europe and England.

Today, millions of people have a soft spot for chocolates. Shopping for a chocoholic is often as enjoyable as shopping for shoes. You only want the best quality. Here are a few tips to help you shop for high-grade chocolates.

Chocolate lovers often prefer dark chocolates over milk chocolates so try shopping for those. Dark chocolates often state their cacao percentage on its package.

It is good if you should watch out for brands that have been guaranteed to give high quality chocolates in the market. Often, brands really do matter. It matters how these companies make their chocolates because it also determines how good their products are and how salable they are to the public. Information such as the quality of cacao beans they use and how they are roasted have an impact on the brand of chocolates you may choose.

Giving your chocoholic recipient some variety in one package would surely offer sheer delight. A gift basket of nothing else but gourmet chocolate would be a winner. The possibilities are endless. The basket could contain plain chocolate bars, fruits dipped in chocolate, chocolate truffles, chocolates stuffed with delicious fillings and many more. Of course, you could never put away a good chocolate cake as an option, would you?

The best news is you will not even have to leave your home to shop. With a great number of gift shops listed online, you can choose from a broad list of shops that offer you the best quality gourmet treats. One of the remarkable advantages modern telecommunications provide is the convenience of having these fabulous indulgences ordered online and have them delivered to your doorstep or your recipient’s doorstep in the same quality as when you picked them yourself from the grocery store. You can browse on different sites that provide you good reviews on the quality of the product you may choose. People writing these reviews often stress on how the product was handled and how it would satisfy a chocolate lover. You can always take advantage on the information provided on those sites.


A Bakers Guide To Chocolate

09 Jan

What’s the difference between bittersweet chocolate and semisweet chocolate? Can I use Dutch cocoa in all my recipes calling for cocoa? Understanding the difference in chocolate and how they are used is essential to baking. In this guide, we’ll identify the characteristics of those chocolates used in baking.

Cocoa is the dry chocolate powder derived from chocolate liquor. It comes in two types: natural and Dutch process. Dutch processed cocoa is processed with an alkaline. It is slightly darker, smoother, and more easily dissolved than natural cocoa. In many recipes, natural cocoa and Dutch cocoa are not interchangeable. Natural cocoa is slightly acidic and will therefore chemically react with baking soda to create carbon dioxide bubbles and some leavening power. Dutch cocoa is slightly alkaline, will not react with baking soda, and must rely on baking powder for leavening.

Bitter (unsweetened) baking chocolate is made from pure chocolate liquor. By specification, it must contain 50 to 58 percent cocoa butter though with inferior products, vegetable oil may he added. Depending on the producer, milk solids, vanilla, or salt may be added. I have a package in front of me that contains only chocolate and milk solids. Unsweetened chocolate has a bitter taste and relies on sweeteners in the recipe to make it palatable.

Sweet baking chocolate–bittersweet, semisweet chocolate–has sugar added. These products must contain 35 to 50% cocoa butter but may have as little as 15% chocolate liquor. Because unsweetened chocolate has twice the chocolate liquor, we prefer to use unsweetened chocolate in most of our baking.
Bittersweet and semisweet chocolate can be used interchangeably in recipes though there is a difference in flavor. Often, bittersweet is a more expensive chocolate and to many, a better, richer-flavored chocolate.

Milk chocolate is made with ten percent chocolate liquor. It contains a minimum of twelve percent milk solids. Because it has such a low percentage of chocolate liquor, rarely is it melted and added to batter or dough.

White chocolate contains no chocolate liquor but is made with cocoa butter. Historically, the FDA has not regulated the manufacture of white chocolate so you need to read labels carefully. If the product was made with vegetable oil instead of cocoa butter, it will not perform the same as a product with cocoa butter.

Chocolate chips are made with chocolate liquor with only minimal amounts of cocoa butter. Instead, they are made with vegetable oil and stabilizers to help them hold their shape. Without the cocoa butter, chocolate chips have a different taste and mouth feel. Chocolate chips will have a firmer set in puddings, pie fillings, and sauces than baking chocolate. Chocolate chips can be purchased in milk chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate.


le chocolat et les Animaux

08 Jan


Le Chocolat et nos amis les Animaux


chocolate: Grove Square Hot Cocoa Cups, Milk Chocolate, Single Serve Cup for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 24-Count

07 Jan

Grove Square Hot Cocoa Cups, Milk Chocolate, Single Serve Cup for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 24-Count

Grove Square Hot Cocoa Cups, Milk Chocolate, Single Serve Cup for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 24-Count
List Price: $11.99

  • Grove Square Hot Cocoa specialty beverages are made with some of the highest quality ingredients. Grove Square Cocoa, it?s never been more delicious or easier to prepare
  • Our dark and milk chocolate flavored varieties have all the creamy, chocolaty richness that make cocoa a classic favorite
  • The warmth and comfort that each sip offers makes this the perfect treat to enjoy any time of day
  • Go ahead, enjoy a cup and don’t forget the marshmallows
  • Grove Square Milk Chocolate Cocoa has the creamy Smoothnessthat makes milk chocolate a classic favorite

Grove Square Hot Cocoa Cups, Milk Chocolate, Single Serve Cup for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 24-Count
List Price: $11.99
Your Price: $12.95- Grove Square Hot Cocoa Cups, Milk Chocolate, Single Serve Cup for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 24-Count

Grove Square Hot Cocoa a hot cocoa drink, mildly sweet, with a pleasant creamy Milk Chocolate flavor. The hot cocoa is packed in a single serve cup designed for use by owners of Keurig coffee makers. Approved by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congrega
Your Price: $12.95 – Grove Square Hot Cocoa Cups, Milk Chocolate, Single Serve Cup for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 24-Count


chocolate: ekobrew Cup, Refillable Cup For Keurig K-Cup Brewers, Brown, 1-Count

07 Jan

ekobrew Cup, Refillable Cup For Keurig K-Cup Brewers, Brown, 1-Count

ekobrew Cup, Refillable Cup For Keurig K-Cup Brewers, Brown, 1-Count
List Price: $16.95

  • The Ekobrew’s patent pending design includes a deep brew chamber, heavy duty hinge, flat bottom design and heat resistant grips for safer removal after use
  • Save money by using your favorite coffee and at the same time reduce the impact on the environment. 100% BPA free plastic.
  • No need to remove the Keurig filter holster; Simply fill the Ekobrew, place it in your machine and brew normally
  • Ekobrew’s unique design provides the very best coffee possible and our smooth interior makes clean up fast and easy.
  • Ekobrew is not compatible with the B30, B130, B150 and B155

ekobrew Cup, Refillable Cup For Keurig K-Cup Brewers, Brown, 1-Count
List Price: $16.95
Your Price: $10.99- ekobrew Cup, Refillable Cup For Keurig K-Cup Brewers, Brown, 1-Count

Ekobrew is the ideal alternative to Keurig K-cups. The patent pending Ekobrew is a reusable filter made specifically for Keurig single cup brewers. The Ekobrew is easy to use and easy to clean and allows Keurig users to enjoy the coffee of their choi
Your Price: $10.99 – ekobrew Cup, Refillable Cup For Keurig K-Cup Brewers, Brown, 1-Count


ChocolateThe Newest Health Food?

26 Sep

There are now even more reasons for chocolate lovers to rejoice! As more amazing research news comes in about chocolate, the substance is moving from a bad-for-you candy to an important health food. Those of us who had always continued to indulge in occasional chocolate treats can stop feeling guilty and now easily justify our cravings.

You may have already heard that chocolate contains beneficial flavonoids and antioxidents. Flavonoids are naturally-occurring compounds found in plant foods that are full of recognized health benefits. There are more than 4,000 flavonoid compounds, which are a subgroup of a large class called polyphenols. Phenols are believed to help reduce the risk of heart disease by helping prevent atherosclerosis. The flavanols in chocolate appear to help the body use nitric oxide, which is crucial for healthy blood flow and blood pressure, which means that chocolate might help reduce hypertension as well.

Red wine is know for its high phenol content, but an average bar of dark chocolate contains more phenols than 8 ounces of red wine. Scientists at Cornell University and Seoul National University examined the cancer-fighting antioxidant content of hot cocoa, red wine, and tea, and found that cocoa had nearly double the antioxidants of red wine and four to five times more than tea.

Holland’s National Institute of Public Health and Environment found that dark chocolate contains 53.5 mg of catechins per 100 grams. (Catechins are the powerful antioxidants that fight against cancer and help prevent heart disease). By contrast, a cup of black tea contains only about 14 mg of catechins and green tea has about 30 mg of catechins.

A study at University of California Davis found that participants who ate chocolate showed a reduction in platelet activity. This means that chocolate has an anti-clotting, blood-thinning effect that can be compared to aspirin.

A Harvard University study of 8,000, with an average age of 65, revealed that those who consumed chocolate lived almost a year longer than those who did not. Those who ate one to three candy bars per month had a 36 percent lower risk of death (compared to the people who ate no candy), while those who ate three or more candy bars per week had a 16 percent lower risk.

A study of older men in The Netherlands, known for its chocolate, showed that those who ate the most chocolate, an equivalent of one-third of a chocolate bar every day, had lower blood pressure and a 50 percent lower risk of death. The researchers also noted the men eating the most cocoa products were not heavier or bigger eaters than the men who ate less cocoa.

And it’s not just dark chocolate that is the only healthy type of chocolate. Most studies talk about the benefits of dark chocolate, but some of the most recent news about chocolate includes good news for milk chocolate lovers, who have been left out in the past.

The Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia did a study that shows that milk chocolate seems to boost brainpower. The groups in the test consumed, on different occasions, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, carob and nothing. Then they were tested for cognitive performance including memory, attention span, reaction time, and problem solving.

According to Dr. Bryan Raudenbush, « Composite scores for verbal and visual memory were significantly higher for milk chocolate than the other conditions. » The study also found that consumption of milk and dark chocolate was associated with improved impulse control and reaction time. It seems that by consuming chocolate you get stimulating effects from substances found in chocolate, such as theobromine and phenylethylamine, which then lead to increased mental performance.

Chocolate really does make you feel good, too. It is known to stimulate the secretion of endorphins, producing a pleasurable sensation similar to the « runner’s high » a jogger feels after running several miles. Chocolate also contains a neurotransmitter, serotonin that acts as an anti-depressant. Studies in England show that even the aroma of chocolate gives a bout of euphoria and will help lift the spirits.

And now people are looking at chocolate for skin care. According to Marlies Spinale, director of Tru Spa, « Like many other antioxidants, cocoa polyphenols are thought to offer the skin protection from free-radical damage caused by sun, pollution, stress, alcohol consumption and other factors. I believe that we will hear more about the benefits of chocolate in skin care. »

Some people have been avoiding chocolate because one of the main ingredients of chocolate is cocoa butter. It was thought that it was an unhealthy fat, but actually cocoa butter is not unhealthy. It is made up of the beneficial fatty acids– oleic acid (a heart-healthy monounsaturated fat also found in olive oil), stearic and palmitic acids. Stearic and palmitic acids are healthy forms of saturated fat. Plus chocolate contains vitamins A, B1, C, D, and E, as well as potassium, sodium, and iron.

So go ahead and indulge in a little chocolate, in moderation of course. I would recommend that you try to find organic chocolate, and stick with darker chocolate because it has more chocolate flavonoids and less sugar. (Sugar weakens the immune system; so don’t consume sugar if you are ill.) And a little bit of milk chocolate is alright when you need an occasional milk chocolate brainpower boost, such as before a test. All you students take note!

Chocolate as a health food– can life get any better?

By Dianne Ronnow, © 2006 Mohave Publishing.

If you need a little extra help losing weight, I have good news for you. I found an excellent safe diet aid that really helped me lose weight, burn fat, and get my metabolism going!


Chocolate: The Body Defender and Protector

26 Sep

Attention all chocolate lovers!

Did you ever feel bad about sneaking in your favorite chocolate into your daily diet? Or how about going a little bit overboard with the chocolate dessert? Well there’s no need for you to worry.

Believe it or not, chocolate is very good for your overall heath! After years of being put down, science has finally come around to give chocolate the respect it deserves.

Chocolate has been known to contain over 300 chemicals, and has been the subject of a number of studies by universities and other scientific organizations. The following are a few of the findings in the scientific community to back up the positive health benefits of chocolate:
1. Cacao, the source of chocolate, contains antibacterial agents that fight tooth decay. Of course, this is counteracted by the high sugar content of milk chocolate.

2. The smell of chocolate may increase theta brain waves, resulting in relaxation.

3. Chocolate contains phenyl ethylamine, a mild mood elevator.

4. The cocoa butter in chocolate contains oleic acid, a mono-unsaturated fat which may raise good cholesterol.

5. Drinking a cup of hot chocolate before meals may actually diminish appetite.

6. Men who eat chocolate live a year longer than those who don’t.

7. The flavanoids in chocolate may help keep blood vessels elastic.

8. Chocolate increases antioxidant levels in the blood.

9. Mexican healers use chocolate to treat bronchitis and insect bites.

10. The carbohydrates in chocolate raise serotonin levels in the brain, resulting in a sense of well-being.

Another strong suite for chocolate is the amount of antioxidants that it has naturally. Most of us have heard that antioxidants are good for you, but what do antioxidants do? Basically, antioxidants get rid of the things in our bodies that attack DNA, which will in turn damage the cell membranes and our hearts making cancer and heart attacks far more likely. These attackers often called free radicals, attack our cell structure and are the cause of aging, so there really is no way of stopping them from attacking us. So in theory, the more antioxidants you eat the longer you are likely to live because they help defend your body against the attackers. Antioxidants are found in many natural plants. You can tell how rich they are in antioxidants by the color of the plant’s bearings or the plant itself. The deeper the color, the more antioxidants the food contains. For example, blackberries, blueberries and red grapes all dark in color, all rich in intense antioxidants. Now look at the color of natural chocolate, it is so dark it is almost black, making it one of the healthiest foods you can put in your mouth. Keep in mind this is natural chocolate that has not been overly processed. Researchers have found that raw and / or minimally processed cocoa contains flavonoids similar to those found in green tea. According to preliminary studies, these antioxidants have been linked to help accomplish the following in the body:

• Decrease blood pressure
• Improve circulation throughout the body
• Lower death rate from heart disease
• Improve function of endothelial cells that line the blood vessels
• Defend against destructive molecules called free radicals, which trigger cancer, heart disease and stroke
• Improve Digestion and stimulate kidneys
• Has been used to help treat patients with anemia, kidney stones and poor appetite

There are two different kinds of flavonoids called catechin and epicatechins. Catechins, which have recently been found to be abundant in cocoa and minimally processed chocolates, could also help prevent heart disease and possibly cancer, as well as boosting the immune system, according to recent studies. Dark chocolate has also recently been found to contain more than 3 times the amount of catechins as that found in tea. Chocolate is also a good source of copper and magnesium, which helps to regulate heartbeat and blood pressure.

So there it is, chocolate worth eating, but as in any food, a mass quantity can be destructive. By giving someone a basket of chocolate goodies or having some yourself, you can effectively causing an uplifting emotional but also healthy outcome. Have you had your chocolate today?


Good News Chocolate Lovers

22 Sep
Death by Chocolate Isn’t Fatal
By Penny Lane

If you are into chocolates certainly your wall storage systems
will have a shelf full of your favorite brand chocolates. Many
times you prefer stuffing chocolates in your fridge rather than
such a built in cabinet. Wherever you stuff chocolates in-house
is not the point as their ultimate storeroom is your stomach.

There is a preconception that chocolates are harmful for your
health. Well, this is not true in all cases. For instance you
must have heard that they are bad for joints but the actual
reason behind it is that when you eat too many chocolates you
may eventually become overweight which will be harmful for your
joints. Certainly one fact that cannot be ignored is that
chocolates possess a lot of calories as they are rich in fats
thus the cause of your weight gain.

Commonly you must have seen people telling you why chocolates
are bad for you and why you should avoid them. However, it is
very rare that someone advices to eat chocolates to cure certain
diseases. Well, here is a point to remember that eating
chocolates doesn’t mean to hog it instead of proper food.
Balanced diet is very important for a healthy life and eating
excess of candies and other sweets can actually be dangerous for
your health.

This may take you by surprise but chocolates can be beneficial
for your health. Some of the benefits are mentioned as:

Dark Chocolate Improves Blood Pressure

If you are suffering from high blood pressure then chocolates
might help you in this regard. It has been scientifically proven
that a person takes 3.5 ounces of dark chocolate per day for at
least two weeks will be able to note the change in his/her high
blood pressure. Dark chocolate also helps to maintain your bad
cholesterol conditions. To avoid any ambiguity, having 3.5
ounces of dark chocolate means you will have to cut down 400
calories from your existing current diet to make room for this
much chocolate. Chocolates can also work favorably for people
facing low blood pressure.

Milky Muscle Magic

You must have seen people having energy drinks and other sport
drinks after hard workouts. Well, here is a shocking fact coming
up. You can replace your energy drinks with a bar of milk
chocolate to regain your energy and fight back your fatigue. A
milky chocolate bar will help you maintain your workout stamina.

Fight Your Stressors

Chocolates have high source of magnesium in the most natural
form. Deficiency of magnesium may be the cause of anxiety,
hypertension, heart diseases, PMT or even diabetes. Hence,
chocolate is a great way to fight your stressors, cut the risks
of heart problems and bring a balance in your hormones.

Yummy Supply of Healthy Elements

Chocolates possess nutrients like iron, vitamins, calcium,
minerals and potassium. Many chocolates have high elements of a
chemical called Pentamer which is used to protect against cancer
and others may help your kidneys function properly as well as
prevent kidney stones. Dark chocolates have been successful for
curing digestive problems too.

This is like a dream come true as your yummiest delight has
actually become a cure for many diseases.

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