Precious Metals Prices precious metal

Precious Metals Prices

Precious metals prices vary from one company to another. United Gold Direct has very competitive precious metal prices. With the stock market so volatile, many investors are turning to a tangible investment: precious metals. Precious metal prices are determined by many factors which include type of metal, supply and demand and intrinsic value. Precious metal prices are quoted in Troy Ounces and Grams. Unlike shares of government bonds or shares of a company, gold will always retain value. Gold is a store of value virtually independent of economic conditions. Gold can protect against both deflation and inflation. Investors have realized over 300% returns on Investment Grade Gold in the last decade. Precious metals prices in investment grade gold coin prices can significantly outperform gold bullion like the American Eagles. Investment grade gold tends to deliver greater returns when gold prices are high. A well balanced portfolio should include rare coins as well as bullion. Precious metal prices today should not detour anyone from taking a position. Many analysts and economist believe the price of gold and other precious metals to continue to rise with the uncertainty in the market place. Many believe that when gold hits main street the price will skyrocket so precious metal prices today will be irrelevant. We believe most investors today have not experienced inflation, and most have very little inflation protection in their portfolios. We also think the biggest risk will be stagflations and again most portfolios have very little protection. United Gold Direct has representatives that can help you build a well diversified portfolio that will dollar cost average your initial purchase or help you add to your existing portfolio to maximize you profit potential. If you feel the price of Gold is too high today then get some silver. We at United Gold Direct believe that at this point and time it is foolhardy not to have precious metals in your portfolio.

Buying Precious Metals

Buying precious metals at United Gold Direct is a very simple transaction. It is an exchange of currency. Gold and Silver are both money. Buying precious metals is as easy as one, two, three. First step is to contact a knowledgeable representative at United Gold Direct regarding buying precious metals. Let the professionals at United Gold Direct help you decide what types of metals you are looking for in your portfolio and then decide on the amount you are looking to purchase. To finalize the transaction you can either send a cashiers check, money order or simply perform a bank wire.

When buying precious metals you need to know the different types of metals to purchase. The precious metals available are numismatic which have the highest profit potential and bullion. Bullion consists of bars, ingots, and coins which can be from United States or any other gold producing nation. Numismatic or semi numismatics available only in coin form and most are dated Pre-1933. They hold intrinsic value and are not confiscatable.

Buying precious metals 163 is a great way to diversify your portfolio. Many experts believe buying precious metals is a hedge against inflation. Buying precious metals may help insure and protect the assets you have in your portfolio. Gold has been used as a store of value for at least 5000 years. When buying precious metals please note that prices are measured and quoted in Troy ounces and Grams. When buying precious metals do not think of it as a get rich quick scheme or a way to make quick money and do not try to time the market. The percentage of your total wealth devoted to precious metals is definitely a personal choice and decision. It will depend on your particular situation. When buying precious metals don’t worry about selling when that time comes, as Gold and Silver are recognized and valued everywhere in the world.


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Tips On Buying Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are known as the hardest stones and also a symbol of commitment and undying love. This is why it is commonly a preference for engagement rings to symbolize the strength of the relationship. But the search for the perfect diamond jewelry may be overwhelming since there are too many choices, designs and sizes to choose from. How do you get the right diamond jewelry?

You start with the four Cs: cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Cut gives the diamond its brilliance since it is about the number of sides in a diamond. The color is also another contributing factor to its cost, the colorless diamonds are more expensive and valuable. Clarity would refer to the perfection of the diamond, if it has any kind of air bubbles, spots or marks. Contrary to what most people think, carats are about the weight of the diamond and not its size. Learning about the four Cs would help you fe determine the best diamond jewelry.

There are some useful tips which could help you in scouting the “right one.”

• Determine your budget.

Whenever you are buying a gift, an engagement ring or anniversary present, always think about how much you are willing to spend for it. Always think about what you can afford. It is not a good idea to purchase something which would eventually cause you to run into major financial debts.

• Do some research.

Internet websites are great sources of information when determining what kind of cut would be ideal. You could start by researching different cuts and what is your preference. It would also help you at least get a ballpark figure on how much it would cost.

• Consider the band, craftsmanship and the design.

Other than the stone, also consider the type of metal band used for a ring. Aside from that you could also consider the design and the overall craftsmanship used to create the jewelry. For rings, there are different metal bands, yellow or white gold, titanium or platinum. Of course, one could be more affordable than the other, so you would like to know more about the metal bands when choosing a jewelry.

• Go to a trusted jeweller.

You could always ask for your family member’s and friend’s opinion about where to go and buy your diamond gift. There are big and national chains while there are local jewellers who may be within your community for a significant period of time. You could do some background check on the local jeweller. You could always look for jewellers who are members of the American Gen Society and other similar reputable organizations.

• It’s not just the jewelry.

When buying diamond jewelry or any other precious jewelries, always check the return policy. There are some retailers who would sell jewels at a low cost only to find out that they cannot be returned. Aside from that, always make sure that the diamond you will be buying will have a lab grading report/certificate with it.

This certificate describes the quality of the purchased jewelry. Also, there are some retailers who would require the customer to return all the documents and certificates provided along with the diamond jewelry.

Can Men Wear Diamond Jewelry?

Wearing diamond jewelry—especially for men—connotes not only power, but also strength, prominence and status in life. Ever since the beginning of time, jewelry has always signified power. Back then it was the kings who wear most of the jewels in the royal family. In 1200s Europe, royalties—especially the king—wear diamonds set. As a matter of fact, King Louis IX of France even enacted a law that no one can wear a ring with diamonds but only the king.

In these days of equality, men also wear wedding rings to signify his eternal love for his wife. One of the latest trends in a man’s wedding ring today is with inlaid gemstones like diamonds. It has become acceptable for the modern society that men wear diamonds for their wedding ring depending on their personal taste and preference.

Aside from emphasizing a man’s taste and preference, choosing a diamond ring for a wedding ring should also include the following considerations:

– the type of work. If you are into sports and into works that require excessive manual labor and movement, you might think twice before getting a man diamond ring because it increases the possibility of losing or damaging your gemstone. But if you are not into sporting activities or hard manual labor, man diamond ring can be a perfect option for you.

– the type of personality and lifestyle. Since every man is different, personalities and lifestyles should be greatly considered.

– consider comfort. Think of the shape of the ring and the ring width before buying it.

– the type of metal. The metals that can be used to make men’s wedding rings include gold, titanium, platinum and silver.

– the type of gem. Although diamond in the best option for a man, you can also use sapphires in all colors and rubies.

The diamond jewelry for man

Today, important and prominent men around the world like the pope, rulers of different nations and business tycoons wear rings to connote power. Graduates of military academies and heads of different national and international organizations wear diamond jewelry such as rings as a sign of being a ruler as well.

Despite the fact that some people—especially men—the idea of wearing diamond jewelry such as a ring, more and more of them recognize the fact that wearing a band encrusted with gem as costly as diamond can put them in a prestigious disposition and company like musicians and sports superstars who are popular for their diamond bling-bling.

Having man diamond jewelry such as a ring doesn’t have to be as flashy as those worn by celebrities. In fact, man diamond jewelry such as rings can be composed of a single stone set in a strong and masculine setting. Or it can be silver, platinum, or gold band that has inlaid diamonds.

If you’re thinking of getting a man diamond jewelry such as ring for your self, it’s not necessary to you push your budget to the limits. What you can do is to explore the variety of designs available in the market today.

Antique Cut Diamond Jewelry

There is a hushed but discernible stirring in the industry that is the talk among jewelers. Somehow, there is a quiet demand for antique, old European diamond jewelry from buyers, including from young people.

Modern-day cutters are now beginning to cut diamonds in the old world style to keep up with the demand. What could perhaps be the reason for such a craving? What is so special with these diamonds cut the old style?

Old European and Old Mine cuts

The old diamond cut style was worked out in such a way that the light would fall directly on the stone through the crown table (the topmost facet). The entering light would then hit the culet (the bottom facet) and goes out of the stone in a shower of rainbow colors.

Another charming characteristic is that they look their best by candle light. Once hit by the soft glow of the candle light, the stone would exude its own special kind of romantic light it is known for.

Most of these diamonds could be part of family heirlooms handed down through generations among the women in the family. Some modern-day cut diamonds are actually re-cut from old sets of antique jewelry.


In the mid 1800s, diamonds are only for the royalty, the upper level clergy, some very rich merchants and titled personages. In the Victorian times, diamonds can be worn by anyone who can afford them.

Most of these old cut diamonds, although slightly tinted, are almost extremely pure (super eye clean) and VVS and VS in clarity.

Before the 1900s, all diamonds were cut by hand. Most of them are small and have a relatively high table (top most facet) and deep pavilion (side facets) and quite top-heavy.


The earlier Old Mine cut appear smaller than the Old European cut (which came later) because they are squares and with rounded corners. (They resemble a bit like the modern-day Asscher or Princess cuts.)

Both of these old cut diamonds have very thin girdles (the edge around the body of the diamond). It is quite common that these antique gems have some chips in them. (Sometimes, they are polished away or hidden under the stone’s metal clasp.)

In the 1800s, tint was not considered so much of a deterrent to price or its beauty as it is now. Both the Old Mine cut and the Old European cut diamonds are also famous for masking their true colors.

Rose cut

Diamonds in Rose cuts were one of the most popular and the first to have faceted cutting style. It has a flat bottom and all the facets are on top, making it dome-shaped.

The facets come to the center forming a point. The facets are planned to give the appearance of the opening of a rose bud.

Old or modern cut?

The surge of demand for these old style cuts in diamonds may have been an offshoot to the movement of going romantic the old world way. Or it could be a rebound from all things too modern, especially in jewelry which is supposed to reflect timelessness.

Whatever it is, it is not fair to judge old-style diamond jewelry by modern day standards. These old relics have their own history which might be more colorful than one could ever have.

Gold: Where the Sidewalk Ends 30th Anniversary Edition: Poems and Drawings

Where the Sidewalk Ends 30th Anniversary Edition: Poems and Drawings

Where the Sidewalk Ends 30th Anniversary Edition: Poems and Drawings
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Gold: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
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Silver Cleaning: Polishing Cloth for Silver, Gold, Brass & Most other Metals, 12″x15″ Largest Size

Polishing Cloth for Silver, Gold, Brass & Most other Metals, 12″x15″ Largest Size

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This Is the BEST Jewelry Polishing Cloth we have tested and used for many many years. It was Originally made For Silver Cleaning and thats what it’s Best at, but it will Clean Most Metals (as in your Costume Jewlery) very Well. Plus since this is the
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Silver Cleaning: New Trent CD-3800 Digital Ultrasonic for Jewelry, Eyeglass, and Dentures Cleaner

New Trent CD-3800 Digital Ultrasonic for Jewelry, Eyeglass, and Dentures Cleaner

New Trent CD-3800 Digital Ultrasonic for Jewelry, Eyeglass, and Dentures Cleaner
List Price: $34.95

  • Stainless Steel container Dimensions: 5.4″L x 3.6″ W x 2.1″ H
  • Digital display with 5 Preset Cleaning Modes for easy and precise control
  • Weight: 2.2 Pounds easy to carry for any household
  • Light weight with Dimensions: 8.2″L x 5.8″ W x 5.4″ H
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New Trent CD-3800 Digital Ultrasonic for Jewelry, Eyeglass, and Dentures Cleaner
List Price: $34.95
Your Price: $34.95- New Trent CD-3800 Digital Ultrasonic for Jewelry, Eyeglass, and Dentures Cleaner

This professional ultrasonic cleaner (Model NT3800) from New Trent will work really well for a wide range of products including jewelry, eyeglasses, toothbrushes and dental tools.
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*NEW* PDF Branding Tool Just Released!

If you’ve bought any of my products before you’ll know that I place a lot of emphasis on my affiliate programs.

Sometimes I do get lazy and place a ‘coming soon’ on the affiliate page but either way when I do create one, I provide my affiliates with as many tools possible to make sure they start promoting that very same day.

And out of all the tools I provide, the most important one is giving them the ability to rebrand a PDF.


Rebranding PDFs is quick and easy to do They’re easy to share and get passed around They cost little or nothing to create They can pre-sell the reader They’re a great way to get free traffic You affiliates don’t have to edit everything manually and recompile the report They’re a viral promoters, especially if it’s valuable, controversial or entertaining!

and finally…

They bring you SALES!

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You see, unlike an article, or an email, or an animated banner, eBooks and reports allow you to show who you really as a business and what you can provide.

Your report could be a tutorial on how to use of software… a review of a product you bought… a mind-map or blueprint to a problem… or even just a short snippet of the original product.

Either way, they are designed for the reader to check out where that report came from so they can visit your website without being pushed into a sale. It’s a great way to pre-sell potential customers whilst making your affiliates look good and making their lives easier.

Put simply making your PDFs BRANDABLE works. I use them everywhere I can and let my affiliates do the selling for me.

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I Need Traffic, So What Do I Do?

If you have put in the time and effort into creating your product you will need to make sure that you maximize your efforts online by making sure that you are getting traffic to your offer.

Getting traffic is one of the things that beginner’s leave to last because they a) find it easy to work on their website and get from basic HTML done or b) have already tried to do a few things but saw little or no effects and gave up.

What you need to understand is that there are many traffic generation strategies out there at the moment that can help you get those valuable customers to your site but few are more powerful then constructing articles on Web 2.0 social networks like Squidoo!

The great thing about Web 2.0 properties like Squidoo, Hub Pages etc is that they already have a high pr ranking with Google so it’s easy for you to get on the front page of Google for whatever keywords you are trying to rank for.

Getting your Squidoo lens seen online starts with doing the right keyword research and finding a main keyword and associated or lsi keywords to rank for. I usually check on Google and see if there is a squidoo lens ranking there already on the front page as I believe Google likes variety and is more likely to rank your lens on the front page is there is not one there already.

I would also put the keyword you want to rank for in quotes and scroll right to the end to get the true number of competition pages for those keywords. You can place your main and LSI keywords in the keyword section while you are constructing your lens to maximize the chance of it being seen online. To give your lens extra juice with Google you should use pingoat to ping it when finished and you should also social bookmark the lens.

These steps above will give you a good grounding in how to get started with your Squidoo lenses but if you want to save yourself time and money and you want to avoid the mistakes that most marketers make then there’s a full video course entirely dedicated to this subject to help you.

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